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Post by Kenn on Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:45 am

When reviewing the list of planets in the B5 wiki it mentioned many many worlds colonized by humans, more than other species. It certainly isn't fair to give these all to the Earth Alliance in the game but it would be good to acknowledge that there is a connection. Centauri invade Narn colonies and vice versa, the local population will try to sabotage the economy. So any world that provides the Centauri with an advantage will provide a diminished returns to a Narn base. We can look for other opponents as well; like Centauri- Orieni,
Centauri- Drazi,
Dilgar and League world (former league).
The ISA will benefit from all League friendly worlds.
The benefit would usually be additional economy for an appropriate base, less economy for an axis base. Increased economy for each trade with an allied transport/ starliner. I want to suggest +2 Economy for a base, +1 Economy for a trade.

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