Resort Planets

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Resort Planets

Post by Kenn on Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:50 am

The B5 wiki listed planets and depicted that some were tourist traps, destinations that people go to. Disney Planet, Beta Centauri, etc. Lets acknowledge this in game play and have trade economy with passenger liners/ starliners. The Asimov type and White Star type and any of the Skylark type ships carried passengers; while the Kneale, Patton, Patriot and others were apparently freighters. They get bonuses for docking at trade posts and starliners get bonuses for docking at pleasure planets.
The Centauri have the Molios transport that would be a starliner, while the Carbo would be a freighter.
So far those are the only canon references we can make but we could come up with others for other species, excpet Brakiri which appear to mix cargo/ passenger/ military duty into every vessel. The Vree I suggest equal that mentality.

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