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Generic Bases

Post by Kenn on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:35 pm

In the original Component Game Syste game each empire had two specific land bases then the rest of the fleet used generic bases that all players shared.
I have been trying to collect images so that each Empire will have its own set of space stations, levels 1-7, and we wouldn't need generics after that. It would make remembering whose station is whose a lot easier. I have then designed land bases for established scenes from the show, like the Earth base is called Earthdome, Marsdome, Teep town, Yedor Hall, Royal Palace, Kha'Ri Tower, etc. These bases are larger than the 1-7 like in the game but would only be appropriate on the map piece they are designed for. I plan to include land bases for each Empire based as much on comments from the show as possible. But like, the Abbai, I will do a Google search for an aquatic-like base. Maybe use images of the Kamino floating city since the Abbai are an aquatic-derivative.
Can anyone see a need why would should have generic bases too?
There might be a reference or two on map pieces but in those cases I will make something specific to their piece.

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