Energy Mines

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Energy Mines

Post by Kenn on Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:07 am

The Centauri Republic Centauri and Narn Regime Narn empires have ships that can use energy mines as a weapon. The original rules were not very generous on what to do with them.
I propose a ship equipped with this ability can lay and sweep mines. Sweeping can be done of their own native mines or opponent mines without damage to the ship; contrary to the original rules about sweeping the mines and taking some damage but less than if they didn't sweep first. But, only this ship can sweep without damage, others can still sweep but original rules still apply.
Range: in docked position (adjacent hex, directly in front of the vessel)
Capacity: Can launch or sweep up to its carrying capacity. Use stacked tokens to denote capacity use. Mines can be deployed in single units or dense units. A ship carrying three can unload all 3 into a single hex, or can deploy them 1 per hex at their choice.
Strength: The mines themselves have their own strength indicators.
Direction: As depicted on the firing arc.

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