First Strike

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First Strike

Post by Kenn on Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:24 am

The ability of a ship to fire during an opponent's move phase when that opponent moves within range of the ship. By allowing the ship to fire during the move phase (instead of the fire phase) they have the ability to disable or destroy an approaching enemy before they have the ability to fire on you. I got the idea from Tartan and Corellian corvettes in Star Wars Empires At War, and how those ships were extra effective against fighter squadrons. So I picture light weapons firing in all directions just taking out fighter teams. We can debate if the ability should be restricted to light weapons or if all weapons can be applied.
Direction, strength, range, and other factors would be determined by the actual weapons in use as noted on the token of the ship.
Since the move phase is a single moment in the battle all activities made during that phase are considered to be done at the same time. Obviously a person can move one ship then another, then another; they can't move all of them at once but in reality the fleet would move all at once. So this ship will only be able to use its weapon on a single target. If we allow light and heavy, then two targets.
The ship will still have its ability to return fire during the Fire Phase. Hits made during both volleys combine to assess damage. (Or not- up for debate)

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