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Mass Drivers

Post by Kenn on Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:55 am

The series says that the Centauri Republic Centauri have Mass Drivers, the original game included them too. Agents of Gaming AOG and Mongoose Publishing Mongoose said that the Orieni developed that technology so they had it too. In the Component Game Syste CGS the use of mass drivers was not clearly defined so I propose that we establish some rules for its use.
Direction: With the use of a third firing arc we can identify that Mass Drivers are forward firing only.
Capacity: The number of asteroids aboard should be limited and replenished. This capacity may affect squadron capacity; I think it should.
Strength: A single asteroid is capable of destroying a station or base on a single shot (non-moving objects). The strength indicator says how much range it can operate.
Limitation: Available only on heavy cruiser sized vessels, maybe dreadnoughts. (discussion needed)

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